plan for fullmoon day

Mr Duẩn, Egnt- Dung  with Phương who a friend’s Egnt and two foriegn friends is  katherine and Mallory and I will a have party to celebrate on fullmoon day.
This a a plan to action:
1. Time: 7h – 10 h on 14-9-2008
2. Place: If it’s rains, we will  organize the pary in mallory’s  room.
If it’s don’t rains, we will organize on the beach and fly three perspicacious and impartial reconsideration of a higher court( đèn trời is vietnames)
3. Before fullmoon day.
3.1 Prepare:

The list what to do

+MR Duẩn và Tứ

Made  3perspicacious and impartial reconsideration of a higher court – Đèn trờii; and 4 lanternms and the other things to serve the party.

Prepare somes mini game.

Miss Egnt- Dung  and  Phương:

She already bought  vegetarian fullmoon cake

Guide Duan and Tu where  to  buy some paper and orther thing to made đèn trời and lanterms

Prepare some story about tradition cusom celerbration of Nha Trang to tell with foriegn friends

Katherien and Mallory:

Prepare all Juits and some vegetarian Kate and candy; the dinks and place to celerbaron if  it’s rainy.

4: Fullmoon day:

6h30 -7h: Go to the beach: Bai Duong- Chong Rock – Nha Trang city.

7h – 7h15: Stability to choice nice place to Organize.

7h30: Begin the party: (May be All people meet and talk together when tranfer from Domitary to the beach).

Introdution abuot yourseft for every body know such as: Name; hometown; class; years students ect..

After that Dung – Egnt going to have a short topic about traditional custom in fullmoon day of Nha Trang for foriegn friends know about Nha Trang and Viet Nam.

8h: Play a small game that very common of Nha Trang University  Students. May be hold some songs bout fullmoon day. The organization board have a girf for who winner in a game and have a good song.

May be Dung and Phuong  teel a story about custom of Nha Trang to celerbrate on fullmoon day.

Before to fly three perspicacious and impartial reconsideration of a higher court( thả đèn trời); Every body must write a deam that U wished for along times ago. We will pick the paper have dream on body of Đèn trời.

9h: Begin take the ĐÈN TRỜI on the sky.

9-9h30: We go for a wark togethe on the beach  to see lanscape. Dung and Phương will shown for foriegn friends known about Nha Trang city and people in these

10h: The end.

Do you agree with uor plan to celabrate on fullmoon day. Let’s have a comment to correct before we go to action.

This entry by English but my english very bad. So I hope my english teacher – katherine and mallory find mirror and correct for me. Thanks u very much.

I and Duẩn  already have gotten friendship with Katherine and Mallory but Dung who is my friend have never meet my friends. So I hope everyboy  make acquaintice together before the party going to start.

This is persional blog in my gruop:

Katherine: Click here
Mallory:  Click here
Thùy Dung: Click here

and Duẩn: Click here

I hope we have a wonderful sunday evening.


2 thoughts on “plan for fullmoon day

  1. All of this sounds very wonderful! I’m excited to get all the fruit and some cakes and drinks. I can also help buy the materials for the lanterns and such! Thank you very much for planning all of this 🙂

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