katherine’s birthday

To day, i want to show some things  a bout my friend’s birthday that is Katherine pittore.

The afternoon i and Duẩn and Mallory went to bought a birthday’s cake to prepare for birthday party.

This is a present to katherine of Duẩn and me.

Katherine already have a plan for her birthday. She had a dinner with your friends in Nha Trang. And she will meer me Duẩn and another NOFRAME students in her domitory.

We began the party at 8h p.m and finished at 10h p.m. The firts we concentraded at Mallory’s room who is vallourteer teacher too.

Now i would like introdue what happened in this party.  Because my english writing skill is little mouth so i can show by picture and the follow title .The firth we gone to the beach.

Preparing for party.

Have a cake, and many fruirt such as: apple; dragon fruirt; banana; grape fruirt …

To light a candle on the cake

Katherine told something with everybody

Duẩn continiuos light many  fireworks

To Sings a birthday song and blow uot the candle

Every one congratuation on her bithday

Duẩn happied katherine

ABLR  is a child of baladesh familly

The difirence betwen is  vietnamese  culture and American culture that is no wish when blow uot the candle. So i must flighted the candle again and said with katherine what often were vietnamse do on  birthday. Whlie katherine blew the candle agian, we sangs a happy birthday songs to wish her finished 23 and began 24 yeas olds

end then cut the cake to evenly distribute for partycipian

When katherine has diliving  cake; Mr Tùng and Miss Nhung sangs a traditional vietnamse songs

I thinks the partycipian no  in each other’s pockets and difirence abuot languages so we only eat cake; fruirt and sangs.

Mr Tùng accompaned for ones sangs

I presented for ka a bilingualsong which is  khúc hát mừng sinh nhật

after that Duẩn have the same me actions too by another way. Hố hố

The cake after a shortime

mallory and Miss Liên

Miss Nhung were artist ghita

I tried  guided some game but the rerust not fun because paticipan didnt understood what i sad.

Another birthday of couple lover near ours party. Very romantic

After long time to sangs; eaten; told together until 9h p.m We finished the festival by a traditional vietnames songs

To finished the party; Ka wonder I wonder if it was not simply a ploy to get frosting all over us and then laugh…either way it was a good time).

I thinks ka already had a new old – 24 in Vietnam which propaly so excitings when works as valleenter teacher in nha trang university. And may be i and Duẩn and other ones dont never fogot at this time.

P/s: The pictures used in this entry is got from Mallory pissca. U can see all picture follow that links:

Click here to see all picture in party


3 thoughts on “katherine’s birthday

  1. Hay ghê mày, công nhận chổ mày vui thực đó. Cho tao tham gia với. Làm bạn với người nước ngoài chắc có lợi cho tiếng anh lắm ha. Trình độ tiếng anh tới đâu rùi. share cho tao ít nội công coi.

  2. thật vui vẻ nhỉ , mẹ có điều ước chắc ước chơi suốt ngày ha , tết holiday suốt ha ,…chả phải làm gì nữa nhỉ …à mà hôm đó vui thật mày ạ cảm nhận từ trong lòng đó . thích nhất đoạn quệt bánh với Mallory đó

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