O la la – Salary

After many unlucky for me( in this month). At least; I still have a lucky. I have a new part time job. Teach and pratices Vietnamese for Steven who is a valunteer teacher in Nha Trang University. He comes from USA and He arrive VN in VIA  program same Katherine. To day, i recieve my firths week salary. Very supries when Steven request me teach and practies VNes for him every day. At the momenr, I emty money. I did not any money at all. Very wonderfull for me. Until now i finished a week to pratices Vietnames. And He want to  pay me every week. Althought, I don’t have any condition about how much he pays for me. I thinks how muchs him pay for me ( bao nhieu cung duoc) is Ok. But he is very kind for me. My cellphone had broken dow, so he bought for me a new cellphone ( Mobell M280) to using to connect with him to study. Very good for me. This is very importanr for me because I’m preparing granduate and i need connect with every body to developping relationship.  I think I become a lucky persion. I try workhard to  find a good way to teach vietnames for him. He said with me he want live in Viet Nam along time. So he want speak vietnames well. So  I am going to help  him becomeSườn  true vietnames . But now i have new job. It need and important for me.


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